Here in Keene, we see a lot of politics, whether it be state elections, presidential candidates coming through, or even our current mayoral race.

There have been a lot of complaints about negative campaigning on both sides, but George Hansel’s campaign has been especially vocal in their complaints. I would like to address negative campaigning when it comes to both of these candidates.

When I ran against Mr. Hansel in 2014, he went to about the worst place a campaign could go — an attack on my character. He suggested that I was not a responsible leader; he suggested I was a lazy legislator; and he suggested that I couldn’t represent Keene, even though my ideas were in line with Keene’s values. He went as negative as he possibly could. It was very hurtful to me and my family.

More importantly, he misrepresented me. In his brochure, he included a photo of me sitting at my seat in the House chamber, looking at my iPad. The caption asked whether this was the kind of person you wanted to represent you. What Mr. Hansel didn’t make clear, is that the House was NOT in session at that time. There were about six of us waiting for the session to start. When I asked him about this he told me it wasn’t him; it was the state Republican Party’s doing. I reminded him he was the one that handed those brochures out.

On the other side, I’ve heard talk about Mr. Greenwald putting out a “negative” piece on Mr. Hansel. Looking into it, the facts on this piece are just that: facts. If Mr. Hansel thinks they are “negative,” perhaps he should have voted differently or taken different positions. If he thinks simply pointing out that he is a Republican is “negative,” then I am sorry that he is so ashamed of his party affiliation. Regardless of whether people interpret those facts as negative or positive, they are fairly neutral when written down on paper, and merely serve to inform voters on where the candidates differ.

If you really want to see negative campaigning, look at how George Hansel campaigned against me in 2014.


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