Primary elections. General elections. Who to vote for and why. An educated voter does research on what the candidates can offer them and their city right? That is what my family and I did before voting in Keene’s municipal primary on Oct. 5. We all came to the conclusion that George Hansel is by the best candidate for mayor.

I discovered based that his ideas would benefit the city of Keene and the residents living here. His plans include housing, improving Keene’s downtown and deepening the city’s relationship with Keene State College. Other issues that Hansel wants to address are improving public transportation, business recruitment and creating more jobs.

My daughter turned 18 this year. She also did her research and ended up casting the first ballot of her lifetime, for Hansel. She and her age group represent the next generation that will help Keene move forward in the future. One of Hansel’s strengths is that he can relate to her generation. He has shown this though his work on the City Council and on the Governor’s Millennial Advisory Council, where he’s worked to attract the next generation of Keene’s workforce.

In our limited interaction, I’ve been impressed by Hansel’s ability to listen and provide reasonable answers to my questions. It is obvious he genuinely cares about the residents of Keene. He is a candidate who hears what people have to say. It is very plain to see that he’s a leader of and for the people. He has a desire to help the residents of Keene live in a city that offers them an outstanding quality of life.

He works day in and out to give his all as a City Council member and to a city that he clearly loves. He shows a willingness to quickly respond and help in any way he can. These and many more reasons are why my family chose to vote for George Hansel for mayor and why we feel he deserves your vote on Nov. 5.


71 Maple Ave.