Donald Trump has been impeached. Not about to be impeached; impeached! This is similar to an indictment. The Senate trial was about his removal.

Has Trump committed offenses warranting removal from office? After weeks of listening, it appears Democrats have a serious case of his misuse of power — in the vernacular, behaving like a mob boss in ways that threaten our national security.

Alternatively Republicans firmly believe Trump’s behavior is perfect because “the president can do anything he wants,” including shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. William Barr, Lindsey Graham, Moscow Mitch, Alan Dershowitz, and others, some contradicting their own videotaped words, agree.

If our Founding Fathers wanted a president who could “do anything he/she wants to do,” they wouldn’t have hammered out a Congress, a judiciary or an impeachment process. We would have a rubber-stamp government like Putin’s or Iran’s or China’s.

Acquitting Trump negates the power and usefulness of impeachment, of Congress, and of the Department of Justice.

Republicans have proven that Trump may “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.”

Ever wonder what else he wants to “get away with?”

Stay tuned. Now acquitted, if Trump is re-elected, we will find out.


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