Monadnock Profiles found a great person to feature in Peter Griesbach.

I first met his wife, Linda, at a church in the mid-1980s. About two weeks after we met, my daughter (about 4 years old) developed a toothache in the early evening. I didn’t have a dentist, but remembered Linda saying her husband had a practice in Keene. I took the chance to call him (at home).

He could have given me, a stranger, the name of a dentist on call or told me how to help alleviate the pain until morning when dentist offices would be open. But he didn’t. Instead, he met me at his practice and fixed my daughter’s tooth problem. After seeing how wonderfully he worked with a young child, I decided I’d never find a better dentist. And I was right.

My family still misses Dr. Griesbach and his wonderful staff, but it’s good to know that others are experiencing his and Linda’s combined kindness on many levels.


41 Probate St.