Please join me in voting for Mitch Greenwald for mayor of Keene.

Mitch will be an excellent mayor because he has the ability to listen to both sides of an issue and make an informed decision in the best interest of the city and its residents. He wants to help our families thrive through strong schools, safe childcare facilities and investing in broadband Internet, smart grid technology and job training.

I have known Mitch for many years as a neighbor, employer and friend. Mitch believes in equal pay, paid leave, a progressive wage and cracking down on workplace discrimination. He not only talks the talk but he walks the walk.

While working as a real estate agent at Greenwald Realty, I was able to witness first-hand Mitch’s commitment to a family-friendly workplace. He welcomed my children to the office many afternoons and respected my decisions as a working mother. His grandchildren were often seen in the office and while the activity level rose on many occasions, work continued at the office as normal. I am grateful to Mitch Greenwald for his respect for his employee’s life-work balance, even before it was a popular thing to do.

As a city councilor, he has often listened to my concerns and ideas about the city of Keene. He has an open door to his constituents and I know that many people stop by his office to discuss what is happening in city government. He understands the tough issues and wants to keep local property taxes in check. He plans to work with local communities to find regional efficiencies and will work with state leaders to end shifting state costs to local property taxes.

I also believe that the city of Keene should be working more closely with Keene State College on a beneficial partnership. Mitch, as a Keene State graduate, is uniquely qualified to ensure the city and the college continue to work together. He is closely aligned with Sen. Jay Kahn, who worked for 28 years at Keene State College and who is equally committed to supporting education. Partnering with the college on the arts corridor is just one example of a win-win project.

I trust Mitch to do his very best to support families, education and the economy, while still being fiscally responsible. His actions as a city councilor, employer and business owner have proven his dedication to this city and community. Vote for Mitch!



P.O. Box 822