I endorse Mitch Greenwald for mayor.

I’ve known Mitch for 45 years in several capacities and can tell you he should be Keene’s next mayor.

He’s a self-made man with a demeanor to get things done for his family and his community. From managing Christmas-tree fundraising for the Keene Jaycees, organizing Keene’s first merchant street fair or anonymously helping people in need, I’ve seen Mitch work successfully with people for a common cause.

But mostly, I support Greenwald because after serving with someone for 10 years, you know whether you can work with them or not.

Mitch is more likely to act seriously on our renewable energy goal. He has a better understanding of how to tweak our council and fiscal goals to address our rising property tax rate. We’ve seen that he knows how to do economic development, because he’s done it in real life. Mitch supports welcoming diversity in our community and backed it up by supporting the city’s diversity resolution. The list goes on.

At the end of the day, I know where Mitch stands on issues. There is no hedging, posturing and playing it safe. Whether or not we agree, the next council will know what we have to work with.

Mitch for mayor!


Ward 3 City Councilor

14 Barrett Ave.