We all know Mitch Greenwald is a successful businessman, but how did he build his success? The old fashioned way — through hard work, determination and perseverance.

Mitch attended Keene State and while still a college junior, he and his new wife, Riki, opened their first business, Top Shop. Between classes, after classes and with babies in tow, Mitch and Riki endeavored to make their business a successful enterprise, traveling to New York weekly to get the most current, popular fashions. Top Shop was the go-to shop for local teens. That business outgrew its space and moved to larger storefronts to meet increased demand.

When Keene’s retail shops would routinely close their doors at 5 p.m., Mitch wanted to make Main Street and all of downtown a popular shopping destination. He worked with others to offer more shopper-friendly hours. He chaired the Downtown Merchants organization and was a driving force behind Street Fair — a big block party on Main Street with sales and spectacle. Today, he continues to support downtown initiatives. He continues to advise and assist new and existing business owners working on their own entrepreneurial success.

From their initial decision to set down roots here, Mitch and Riki have been fully committed to Keene. Mitch has been a long time member of the Rotary Club, the chamber of commerce, Keene City Council and other community groups. His wife, Riki, taught a generation of kids in Keene schools.

And as the Greenwalds’ businesses grew from that initial commitment to a small shop in Keene, their family grew as well. Their children have also chosen Keene as the place to live, to work and to raise their own kids. His daughter even continues the teaching tradition, working as a teacher in Keene as well.

Mitch is running for mayor to use his extensive business experience and past successes to encourage and provide future opportunities for everyone in our community because he knows that when everyone does well, everyone benefits.

Mitch will work to ensure Keene continues to be a welcoming community which invites new families and new businesses to choose Keene to be their home — just like the Greenwalds have.

I’m supporting Mitch Greenwald for mayor because he has always been committed to Keene, has always been a cheerleader for Keene and has always worked to move Keene forward. I encourage everyone to join me and vote for proven experience with proven results.


14 Ingalls St.