I support Mitch Greenwald as the mayoral candidate most capable of unifying Keene and its City Council and leading a progressive agenda for our city.

His opponent, George Hansel, has made ageism a cornerstone of his pitch, which like racism and sexism is a divisive message that doesn’t belong in Keene politics. Much of the next City Council will offer years of experience; how does that fit into Hansel’s message? Greenwald places no such conditions on council membership. He’ll embrace young and experienced council members. Greenwald offers a message of unity and inclusion in city business.

For me, the political party of mayoral candidates should be known. Mitch openly shares his declaration as a Democrat. George avoids his party declaration as a Republican. Political party matters more when one seeks higher office as apparently George desires. I don’t want a mayor who seeks favor from higher office holders, such as Gov. Sununu.

Political party and ambition put borders on political voice. I know Mitch stands against Gov. Sununu’s veto issues—voting rights, independent redistricting, environmental policy and the state budget.

Mitch has made it clear he won’t seek office outside of Keene. He’s committed to Keene. He’s an alumnus of Keene State College and a downtown business owner for over 40 years. His kids and grandchildren attended Keene public schools and actively participate in local sports and performances. He and his wife, Riki, have each had parents reside in local nursing homes. He knows how people live in Keene because he’s involved in so many aspects of life in Keene.

Mitch has demonstrated leadership on smoking bans, inclusivity, environmental sustainability, economic development and housing inspections. Mitch has chaired every City Council standing committee.

I want Mitch Greenwald as my mayor because he talks straight and brings people together. Mitch seeks your input, answers you directly, isn’t looking ahead to his next office, and won’t seek favor from those who will get him there. I encourage Keene voters to elect Mitch Greenwald on Nov. 5.


135 Darling Road


(This writer, a Democrat, represents District 10 in the N.H. Senate.)