Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten to know Mitch Greenwald in a more personal way. Yes, I’ve known him as a city councilor and as a Realtor, but prior to this time period, up close and personal, not really.

Mitch lives just up the road from me, as my neighbor,and over this past year I’ve had the privilege to have had several one-on-one conversations with him that have revealed for me the depth of who Mitch truly is. I have discovered that at the top of Mitch’s priority list is, “family.” This theme comes up again and again, but what he means by family is not only his own of course, but all of us as well; the Keene family.

Keene, the lives and well-being of the people that live here, hold a special place in Mitch’s heart. This may sound cliché, but show me a Keene resident that has offered more of his time and energy to the lives and fortunes of our citizens. Mitch’s involvement in a wide variety municipal organizations, our city’s governmental committees and his volunteerism dwarfs almost everybody in Keene.

Then add raising a family and starting a business to the mix and you get the picture. We’re all in this together, he says. He knows the ins and outs of City Hall like the back of his hand, but what I appreciate is his humbleness when he lists off and explains all the complexities that drive our little city.

Mitch is not one to show off, I’m also discovering. My guess is this is his nature and as a New Hampshire boy, I appreciate that big time. But my key point is this: there is an old saying, “how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.” Therefore, how does one move the city of Keene forward? Experience, experience, experience!

Mitch has that in spades. Vote for him; he’s family.


15 Peg Shop Road