This year’s mayoral election is without question the most contested in my many years in Keene. Both candidates are respectable and we will be lucky with either as our mayor.

However, this election to me comes down to experience and one candidate has that in spades. In my mind, Mitch Greenwald has the most experience and is most qualified in absolutely every aspect.

This experience includes the time he has spent on the planning committee, public works committee and the finance committee — much of that time he spent chairing those committees. This is valuable experience that we as voters can look back on and point to as concrete examples of the “know how” essential in running a city.

Additionally, Mitch has the unique credential of having started his own business. With this background, he has learned how valuable, perseverance and doing things the right way are. Mitch has provided the city with good-paying jobs and he has also treated his employees and tenants well. This experience has given him essential skills in being a leader, which is, in many ways, the relationship between the mayor and city councilors.

Thank you, Councilor Greenwald, for running as mayor.

Please join me in casting your extremely valuable vote to Mitch on Nov. 5 (Tuesday).


9 Colby St.