As I leave for college, I want to thank Mitch Greenwald for the opportunity to work on his mayoral campaign this summer. Though I grew up in Winchester, I attended Keene High and feel a close connection to this community. I also have grave concerns about what could happen to the direction of the city if Mitch is not elected as mayor of Keene.

This summer, Mitch focused on visiting neighborhoods around town, knocking on doors and asking folks about the issues that they cared about. When I organized the Keene Youth Climate Rally and the Stand Up Against Hate gathering, Mitch was eager to go and listen to people there and share his ideas.

As Mitch and I went door-to-door, I learned how his life’s experiences have galvanized his vision for Keene’s working families. Mitch understands what it means to raise a family here, to work here, to actually start a business here. He understands fully the relationship people have with this city. His 40+ years of public service have given Mitch an unmatched depth of operational and practical knowledge, and that is something we all can be inspired by.

As important as his experience is, Mitch stands firmly on the correct side of the issues my generation cares about. His opponent, however, does not seem to be on the same page as Mitch on these issues, and I believe he should not be allowed off the hook for these positions.

Mr. Hansel voted against the resolution that welcomes everyone into our community. He is on the record opposing a state minimum wage, which is absolutely contrary to attracting young people to the state and the area. I am deeply concerned about how someone who brags about having “the ear of the governor” would use that platform.

Many questions should be raised about the relationship between Mr. Hansel and our right-wing governor. Would he tell the governor to support paid family and medical leave? Would he advocate for a higher wage for working people across our community? Mitch is the only candidate for mayor of Keene to speak out against Gov. Sununu’s recent veto of the state budget and its negative impact on child protective services, small businesses, senior services and government transparency.

I look forward to the positivity and support Mitch will bring to Keene as mayor!


260 Old Hinsdale Road