Some observations regarding mayoral candidates Mitch Greenwald and George Hansel:

Mr. Greenwald is a longtime resident and passionate cheerleader for Keene. He is a Keene State College alum and with his wife, Riki, built two prosperous businesses in downtown Keene. A self-made man, Mitch knows what makes businesses succeed.

Greenwald has channeled his love for Keene by serving on dozens of city government committees and for nonprofits, often in leadership roles. Early on, Mitch advocated for the popular ice arena, the stunning new library expansion, the arts and culture corridor plans, and a long overdue dog park.

Economic growth and retention, a progressive wage, paid family/medical leave, affordable housing, environmental/sustainability issues, and transparency will be priorities. Greenwald will continue to promote Keene as an “All Are Welcome Here” city, a true reflection of Democratic morals and inclusion.

Mr. Hansel, an energetic young man with many irons in the fire, has of late been involved with various nonprofit organizations and is an almost four-year member of Keene’s City Council. He touts that he is the council’s longest-serving citizen planner and the most-experienced.

Hansel is the newest “co-owner” of the local Filtrine Manufacturing Co., a family-run business headed by Peter Hansel, George’s uncle. Other owners include other uncles and George’s father.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu appointed George, a Republican, (see Hansel’s 2014 failed New Hampshire legislative run) to the Millennial Advisory Council and recently to the New Hampshire University System’s board of trustees. After reviewing the resumes of the University System’s trustees, I’m puzzled by Hansel’s appointment, based on his lacking qualifications.

As an assumed Sununu protoge, will Hansel stand up for Keene State students against Sununu’s recent voter-suppression legislation, which impacts New Hampshire college students, coupled with Sununu’s woeful lack of funding for higher education? Nationally, New Hampshire college students rank fourth in highest student debt.

George Hansel strikes me as a young man in a hurry to climb the ladder in New Hampshire’s Republican Party. I find some of his statements disingenuous or lacking context. Voters need to do their research!

Mitch Greenwald’s positive, holistic agenda with his indisputable experience will keep Keene competitive and moving forward. I cannot think of a more qualified or deserving candidate for mayor. Keene’s future should not be used as a rung on anyone’s aspirational political ladder.

Thank you.


632 West St.