In our time in Keene, 39 years and counting, we have not seen a more responsible leader than Mitch Greenwald.

We’ve known he and Riki for 35 years. He has served much of that time on City Council and also been invested in numerous civic activities and community support groups.

We have always seen him work for the best interests of Keene. For six years, Ruth had the pleasure of serving alongside Mitch as a councilor, and she was able to see him in action. As a public servant, Mitch is strongly community focused and incredible to watch. Every decision he makes is with the people of Keene in mind. That is what we need in a mayor.

Beyond government, we have known the Greenwalds to help in every aspect of Keene life. Mitch and Riki work tirelessly for causes like Special Olympics and the Kids Collaborative.

Their children, now adults, grew up like their parents and two of them live here and also give back to our community in multiple ways. They are just one of Mitch’s gifts to all of us. Mitch is an exemplary business owner within our community also. Ruth worked with him as he grew Greenwald Realty and saw firsthand how fairly and mindfully he runs his business — a business he started from scratch.

Not only does Mitch treat his peers with respect, he treats his employees with respect, he treats his tenants with respect and he treats the people of Keene with respect.

These are qualities we want in a mayor and that’s why we are voting for Mitch on Nov. 5.


138 School St.