Recently, I emailed our two mayoral candidates to encourage them to contact our state representatives to vote for an override on five energy-related bills Gov. Sununu had vetoed.

Each responded with a letter they sent to our delegates. I was disappointed that Councilor Hansel urged support for only two bills (HB 365 and SB 72). Councilor Greenwald expressed strong support for four bills: HB 365, SB 72, SB 168 and SB 205.

In his letter, Councilor Greenwald expressed his understanding of the importance of these bills. He recognized how this legislation will not only promote and encourage clean-energy initiatives, but also encourage energy efficiency programs (SB 205) and increase our state’s solar energy (SB 168). He clearly demonstrated his awareness of the need for a multitude of strong legislation to help our city transition to a clean-energy future.

As a city that has made this commitment and recognizes both the economic and environmental benefits of such action, we need strong leadership to continue moving us toward a sustainable future powered by clean energy. Councilor Greenwald has demonstrated his commitment to this goal and his ability to lead us in this direction.

I have witnessed Councilor Greenwald in a variety of settings, demonstrating his ability to lead with a depth of understanding and perspective; with thoughtfulness and commitment to the future of Keene.

These are reasons why I support Councilor Greenwald for mayor.


72 Reservoir St., Keene