There is something going on in the United States that should not be going on. We don’t have royalty here; at least, we are not supposed to. So when two former presidents and a presidential candidate all play a role in corrupting government agencies to slander and destroy a presidential contender, fail and then double down, that should be big news.

But instead a prostituted mass media digs in its heels in a herculean effort to defend the perpetrators and cover their malfeasance with counter investigations designed to confuse the masses and shift the blame back onto the original target victim.

The contamination runs straight through the fabric of American society including the body politic, the entertainment industry and the aforementioned mass media. It’s almost as if aliens have been discovered on the Moon and the government has decided that the public can’t be told the truth because it would destroy their faith in government — which it would and should.

We are living in the conspiracy of conspiracies. There is nothing that compares to the premeditated sedition of Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and a rat’s nest of unelected functionaries as they colluded with foreign operatives to hold on to power by using federal agencies to frame and destroy an American running for the highest office in the land.

No one ever would have known save for the fact that the long shot won the race and the election went south so unexpectedly that the lid couldn’t be put back on the lock box. America is not the UK with kings and queens. We have a Constitution that says the people call the shots here. But when government becomes the deep state, the Stasi come into their own.

William Barr now has the toughest job in the world; he must restore the people’s faith in the government. Just as Mussolini and his mistress met their ignominious fates, Obama and the Clintons must face justice for poisoning the waters of a democracy that came at the price of a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

The rats have no place to go and are trying to scurry under the floorboards. Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and a host of other vermin are now facing the light of day. For their crimes against freedom and democracy they should spend the remainder of their days at Guantanamo Bay looking through barbed wire.


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