To Gov. Chris Sununu:

As I read your rebuttal in The Sentinel to the budget crafted by the N.H. House and Senate (“Democrats’ budget fails to plan for state’s future,” June 26), I wondered — are you really representing the 1.35 million people of New Hampshire? Are you actually listening to the concerns of the working men and women in those households who are trying to balance their checkbooks? The checkbook-balancing is especially difficult when trying to pay a property tax bill here in Keene, where the tax rate is $37.12 per thousand dollars of property value. If your $540,000 home were in Keene instead of Newfields, your yearly check for taxes would be $20,045 instead of the $10,719 you pay. A bit “off balance” according to my calculations. But I forgot — uneven tax rates have nothing to do with math. Uneven tax rates are the result of the New Hampshire “advantage.”

Maybe instead of standing up for the New Hampshire advantage, you should stand up for fairness throughout our state. The economy is not booming everywhere or for everyone. Schools and communities and citizens are hurting because the state’s historical approach to budgeting is stingy and negligent not balanced and responsible. The Legislature is trying to reverse this trend.

Please support the budget work of the Legislature and do not selfishly veto their budget. We can, and must, do better for all the people of our state.



60 School St.