My recent letter to the editor challenged state Sen. Jeanne Dietsch’s unprovoked attack against Libertarians and questioned her membership in the Democratic Party, with its history of bigotry and chauvinism.

Ms. Dietsch’s response was more absurd than her original piece. She continued to defend her position that people need big government because they are too stupid to run their own lives. Specifically, she stated that big government will protect us from pharmaceutical companies manufacturing painkillers, like opioids, and marketing them as being non-addictive. Really?

The Food and Drug Administration, established in 1906, is responsible for the oversight of medicines that can be legally sold in the U.S. It has a $5.7 billion annual budget (one third goes specifically to pharmaceutical regulation) and approximately 17,600 full-time employees. (I found these facts in three minutes using Google.) Yet, numerous drugs have been approved for use by this big government agency that have had disastrous effects from addiction to physical defects in newborns.

Also, look at all of the other government “war on” programs protecting us from drugs, homelessness, education, poverty, food insecurity etc.

So, Ms. Dietsch; tell me again how big government protects the people?


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