In regard to the redistricting process under way in Concord:

These Republican redistricting maps have been drawn in such a way to create two partisan, noncompetitive districts. They will, in the long run, disenfranchise voters of both parties by reducing voter participation. There will be no point to voting because only one party can win that district.

The U. S. Congressional districts are so severely gerrymandered so that both districts will be “safe” for each party and politicians will choose the voters for the next 10 years, rather than the voters being able to choose representatives of their choice.

This is against the very foundation of our democracy. This will promote even further division between parties and people, rather than encouraging people to work together for the common good for all. Also, this practice is cutting apart towns from those nearby with similar interests. The interests include similar history/geography/school districts/water sources/rural towns vs. cities.

These maps also shift 75 towns into opposite districts than they are in currently, and move 365,703 Granite Staters from one Congressional district to the other, breaking a 140-year trend carried out by both parties in the redistricting process.

Ten School Administrative Units and other groups will be split apart. There are any number of towns that will be lumped together into larger floterials rather than allowing each town with the prerequisite adequate population to have its own district representation. These maps also deny some towns with high-enough populations to have their own representative from having any representation.

I am opposed to these maps. Other maps have been drawn so that these deleterious impacts are reduced, such as the hard work the Mapathon group has done to draw its maps.


North Swanzey

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