The glitzy Hollywood-esque extravaganza, from the co-opted White House south lawn, finally brought the RNC to conclusion.

What was that bland and insipid stuff they fed us as babies ... “Pablum?” I can’t remember much, but know I spit out my first mouthful. On the last night, maskless Trumpsters served it to us again in their ridiculously over-produced celebration of Trump’s epic failure in leadership.

Rabid Rudy and his sad and twisted tales of hardship by real people were scripted to glorify a dictatorial, self-centered Donald Trump. Earlier, we witnessed his beautiful wife gushing praise over her dishonest spouse. Then we witnessed his photogenic daughter lying about her hardworking dad, who spends most of his time watching TV or cheating at golf. Her attempt to humanize his childish, impulsive blabber might be laughable were he not such an unhinged personality.

Sadly, Trump found unfortunate families of victims of violence to tout his corrupt politics and pliable personalities to disguise his demonstrated racism. He should be arrested for using the White House lawn to stage a political rally for 2,000 non-socially distanced sycophants.

Self-laudatory, patriotic rhetoric by a tyrant can’t erase the reality that the U.S. is spiraling out of control. Aside from dictatorships, most nations have leaders who acted quickly and forcefully to stop COVID spread. Yet it rages on, the worst it has ever been, with 1,100 American deaths and 60,000 new cases a week.

Trump’s egomaniacal, sociopathic nonsense speech was like pablum to his goober base. His efforts to radicalize Democrats, Biden and Harris, and opposition illustrated his manipulative ability to sell even more preposterous lies. Sadly he’s goaded a base of noncomprehending Americans to collectively think and operate like alien androids, marching in lockstep in a stunned, hypnotic trance.

God bless the America that once was, and what it can still be once Donald J. Trump is wearing a matching orange prison jumpsuit with inmate No. 0 on the lapel.


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