It seems that Republicans have been very busy lately engaged in the following activities:

1. Deregulating home schooling that undermines equal opportunity for learning

2. Providing vouchers used to fund private schools, including religious schools, thereby undermining church/state separation as well as depleting much-needed funds for public schools

3. Censoring school curricula so that the truth of American history is not told

4. Denying women control over their own bodies

5. Promoting prejudice, discrimination and violence toward minorities and immigrants

6. Deregulating industries that pollute the air and water

7. Selling weapons to autocratic regimes with poor human-rights records

8. Working against commonsense gun control while mass murders occur routinely

9. Preventing improvement of the infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail systems)

10. Undermining democracy by suppressing the vote and gerrymandering

11. Allowing thousands of Americans to die of the pandemic due to inaction and resistance to preventive and safety measures designed to stop the spread of COVID-19

12. Promoting divisiveness by denigrating diversity and creating scapegoats of people who are different

13. Creating massive deficits due to huge tax cuts that benefit mostly the rich

14. Alienating many allies around the world by withdrawing from treaties aimed to make the world safer

15. Encouraging domestic terrorists to attack our government

16. Replacing truth with lies (disinformation, false information) as in the “big lie” and having no credible evidence for their assertions

17. Encouraging conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality

18. Engaging in “whatboutism” to deflect criticism of their own behavior

19. Promoting nationalism (tribalism), thereby devaluing other countries and encouraging in-group vs. outgroup antagonism

20. Misusing religion to justify and conceal unethical behavior

21. Appointing Supreme Court justices in fraudulent ways

22. Attempting to overthrow election results

23. Enlisting foreign powers to interfere in U.S. elections

24. Starting perpetual, failed wars of choice

25. Weakening programs that benefit elderly people, veterans, children, low-income people and people with disabilities

No foreign government could exact as much damage to the U.S. as the Republican party.