Gov. Sununu has gotten good marks for how he has handled the pandemic in New Hampshire.

Early on, he was careful to include in his emergency orders provisions that did three things: allowed anyone who needed to stay home to care for themselves or a family member impacted by COVID-19 to continue to receive an income by being eligible for unemployment benefits; put a moratorium on evictions for renters or homeowners who could not pay rent or mortgage when, through no fault of their own, they had a reduced income due to pandemic job loss; and allowed anyone to vote by absentee ballot in the coming elections by using the disability “excuse’ due to concern about COVID-19.

Evidently, he saw the importance of these policies.

That’s why I was so shocked and dismayed to see how quick he was to use his veto pen on House Bill 712, the family and medical leave insurance bill, which guarantees employees continue to receive an income if they must stay home to care for themselves or a family member; HB 1247, which extended the protections for renters or homeowners who, through no fault of their own, have lost income due to the pandemic; and HB 1672, which allows no-excuse absentee voting.

Good policy is good policy, in an emergency or not. Why the change of heart, governor?


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(This writer, a Democrat, represents Hillsborough District 1, including Antrim, in the N.H. House.)