Where to get truthful answers? Who can be trusted?

A friend, who’s been to India 13 times praying for people and sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, is aware of pastors being killed and their wives raped publicly. India’s leader declared India a Hindu nation. People are sent to eliminate those with different views, especially Christians.

I care about the U.S. and have tried to make people aware of the U.N. leadership’s nefarious worldwide plans. A March 19 letter I sent (“Beware the UN’s plan to control us”) exposed that the U.N. often oversees voting in hundreds of U.S. cities.

I took my folks’ absentee ballots to Keene City Hall; asked the two men manning the voting machine “Where you from?” Answer: “The U.N.” Called City Hall, asking why they were there. Answer: “They must have been joking.”

Thanks for your unwillingness to be honest. Shows how corrupt things are! Voted since this; my ballot had water on it and stuck in the machine. Man came with a key, opened the machine, pulled out my ballot, hit a switch inside, which probably negated the part tabulated, and got me another. The two U.N. overseers probably had this key as they were the only ones at the machine watching for problems.

The machines can be hacked if someone has access, no matter how sophisticated the machines. I’ve seen the Lord’s hand in my ballot getting jammed, the two U.N. men, and my call to City Hall experience. Shows me God wants to expose this deception and save as many who’ll receive the Savior from the enemy’s and U.N.’s world governance’s destructive plans.

Much can be stopped by believers who know Jesus Christ. Yet we must be diligent in prayer and doing what God wants us to do, including staying free from sin. Remember John 14:27.



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