In my last letter I mistakenly omitted this sentence: ‘’We’re individuals who’ve learned and are learning different information — some good and some bad.” We need to work together with actions and attitudes of sincere honesty, desiring to seek and understand truth on all issues.

Unless we come together desiring to respect and care about one another, we’ll only bring harm. If our positions are shown to be wrong, we need face it, change, and deal with the consequences.

The cultural dictates flooding schools today can cause irreparable harm to youth. My concern is the current focus on gender identity that’s increasingly taught to young children. The new classification of “gender” as separate from biological “sex” can instill confusion in young minds. This unnatural dissociation, coupled with a prioritizing of gender identity above biological sex, can lead to unwise attempts of fruitless biological changes through hormone “therapy” and surgery. Teenagers are notoriously suggestible and aren’t developmentally mature. Such serious life choices shouldn’t be foisted upon them. Nor should it be the prerogative of schools to do so.

Our human nature isn’t a matter of public opinion or personal choice. We must take into account what creation and irrefutable science reveal. Our DNA reveals whether we’re boys or girls. Males and females are the same species,with different chemical and biological characteristics which are undeniable. Personally, as a man, I appreciate gender differences, having often received understanding and wisdom through a woman’s perspective.

Before coming to know the living God, in whom we live and have our being, I often had little concern for others’ lives. Only on receiving the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s love revealed, did I begin to truly care about others. For this reason, I’m expressing concern for our school children, given the dangers posed by the current transgender agenda. God created “male and female” for a divinely orchestrated purpose. It’s folly to disregard His design. He doesn’t play games with lives, nor should we.

We live in a broken world; God became one with us to show the way to wholeness. Shall we neglect such a great salvation? Jesus sacrificed His life to satisfy justice and redeem all who will heed and follow. Believers are children learning to walk. At times we fall and need get-up to start walking again. There’s no attaining to God. He is Emmanuel. He is here, yet we need receive and trust Him!