It is a sign of the good times we live in that most of what we consider worthy of note in this paper is trivial. That is not a knock on the paper. It is a commentary on how good life generally is here. But some things do matter.

Not least of which is the example of a policeman who is stout enough to speak his mind on his own time and a chief who is committed enough to our Constitution and his men to see free speech for what it is and support it.

Personally, I feel much better about our local government knowing we have police that think for themselves, are professional enough to do it outside work and do not have to worry about reprisal for what is protected free speech.

It will be interesting to see if Keene, the “liberal” bastion of New Hampshire, still understands what free speech is and is smart enough to applaud it. Or, like the stunted, petty, would-be tyrants sprinkled through our nation, will they try and ban the honest opinions of our public employees in the public square?

Almost certainly someone will try and put a clause in employment contracts to try and silence criticism. It would be a mistake. Silencing people does not change their opinions. It does throughout history frequently lead to real insurrection.