The N.H. Legislature put forth House Bill 544 to prevent “divisive concepts” regarding racism and racism training. In essence, the bill would not allow discussions by anyone about these issues.

The bill could not be passed, so it was tabled. Then the language was put into the state budget.

The New Hampshire chapter of the ACLU said as much: “On April 7, the N.H. House of Representatives adopted language into the state budget from House Bill 544 that could have the effect of banning diversity and implicit-bias training used to educate Granite Staters on the systemic barriers that people of color and other marginalized groups face in New Hampshire, from our workplaces to our criminal legal system. This not only violates the First Amendment but could also bar the implementation of critical recommendations made by the governor’s policing commission.”

Putting this sort of language in the New Hampshire budget is not acceptable.


North Swanzey