During recent impeachment proceedings, Republicans have argued that the Democrats wanted to get Trump out of office from the start of his tenure. But isn’t that exactly what Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell proclaimed at the start of the Obama administration?

I also had predisposed opinions about Trump starting from the first Republican debate in 2015. I was dismayed at how he addressed fellow candidates, giving them unflattering, nicknames. Worse yet was the sexually implicit and demeaning way he addressed moderator Megyn Kelly.

To this day, I cannot feel proud for America by the way he addresses others, including world leaders. I just don’t understand it. Why are people so attracted to hyperbolic language instead of reasoned discussion? We all come from the same creator, who teaches us to treat each other with respect, something Trump fails to practice.

Moreover, I think things got worse during his term in office due to bad executive actions, e.g., vetoing a bill passed by Congress to end military assistance in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, continual denial of climate change, separating children from their parents for who knows how long, and at what consequence to their psyche, proposing to shrink national monument sites and allow extraction industries more resources, absconding from previously negotiated treaties, increasing the national deficit and debt while advancing tax cuts to the wealthy, telling elected congresspeople to return to their nation of origin [America], failing to believe CIA reports of Jamal Khashoggi’s killing.

Arguably, I have judged, rather than pre-judged, Trump on the record of his performance. But these arguments constitute reason to vote against Trump in 2020, not to impeach him. The reason to impeach him is based simply on evidence that he solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 presidential election.


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