Donald Trump is so relentlessly childish, dishonest, and destructive that it is astonishing people can still support him after witnessing — for four years now — airtight proof of his repulsive narcissism and deadly incompetence, not to mention his lifelong criminality and fraud.

Who knew that for so many, reality TV could “trump” reality? Or that a man who spends $70,000 a year maintaining his elaborate golden hairdo could somehow come across as an alpha male!

But that’s the least of it. I wonder if Trump’s minions know or care that the rest of the world now sees the United States as a bad joke, entirely because of Trump and those of us who got him elected. True, there are despots like Putin and Kim who favor him because they can so easily play him. But in free, democratic nations we are disdained and pitied. Mind, this has never happened before.

For Trump this is a nothingburger. We are exceptional! Except it doesn’t work that way, because even to be selfish we must act unselfishly — on trade, national security, nuclear proliferation, cybersecurity and urgently on climate change. These are all global issues. We do not own the air.

Trump doesn’t possess a single redeeming human trait. Honesty, loyalty, decency, empathy, humility, humor? Not a shred. He has been a bull in the china shop of public affairs, a complete stranger to civility or the rule of law. It is critical — in the most literal sense of the word — that we rid our country of his poisonous presence in November.

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