On Sept. 8, I’m voting for Cinde Warmington for Executive Council District 2. Why? She’s a product of public education, and she’ll be a champion for public education on the Executive Council.

The first person in her family to ever go to college, Cinde was a K-12 public school student, studied for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at public universities, and paid her way through college drawing blood at her local hospital. She has spent her entire 40-year career in health care — 20 years in laboratory medicine and hospitals, and 20 years as a health care attorney.

As we’re navigating a public health crisis that has deeply impacted students, teachers, and communities in New Hampshire, educators like me are looking for candidates like Cinde who we can trust to make evidence-based judgments, who will seek out and listen to public health experts, and who understand what it means to be a front-line worker.

Public schools in New Hampshire are under threat right now. We have a commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, who has no background or experience in education, and has been hostile to public education since his appointment as commissioner. Alongside our governor, Edelblut has made relentless efforts to redirect public funds to private schools.

As executive councilor, Cinde will strengthen and defend our public schools. She will press the Department of Education at public hearings on issues like the safety of educators and students as they return to school this fall. Most importantly, she will not vote to confirm Frank Edelblut if he is nominated to serve a second term.

Cinde’s been at this work a long time. As a Democratic activist, she’s been knocking on doors, making calls and organizing for two decades to elect pro-education candidates and make sure that the education she benefited from is available to the next generation.

On Sept. 8, choose a champion for students and teachers. Choose Cinde Warmington.


28 School St.


(This writer, a Democrat, is the N.H. House majority leader.)