Are you prepared for Nov 3? Where you’ll vote? You can’t opt out of this one. Everyone must vote!

For whom to vote couldn’t be more critical. Whether the Biden/Harris ticket is your first choice or not, or you think your vote doesn’t matter so why bother? Still too important.

Our democracy is at stake. It’s the reason Biden is running. He’s laid out plans for the pandemic, climate change, race relations, and reconnecting with our allies and NATO, for starters. Lately, discussing the mess our country is in.

When I think of all that’s happening, or not happening, I am scared, really scared, but also very angry. The reason for all this lies at the feet of Trump, his administration and the Senate GOP. Trump sees himself as a dictator; his word (always changing) is law. He lies; cannot be believed or trusted. Many who’ve worked for him have come to these same conclusions. And — he has his finger on the nuclear button.

They’re working to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and its pre-existing conditions allowance, with nothing to take its place. Millions could die with no health plan. Social Security is already on the chopping block. All employers, including the federal government, have been told they can to withhold this funding, thus soon dismantling Social Security. For millions it’s their only income; something they’ve paid into their whole working lives for their senior years.

Many regulations have been discarded for: safer working places; cleaner air, water and land from waste of factories and farms; and less carbon from clean fuels instead of fossil fuel mining.

Because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change (it’s a hoax), action in its favor comes from the states with Democratic governors. As comforting as is their work, it’s not enough to prevent upheaval of our living conditions.

Fighting COVID-19; they turned over to the states. We have more cases and deaths than any other country.

Four more years of Trump would be the downfall of our country, our climate, our lives. Vote Biden/Harris for future generations — our grandkids. This must be our guiding light when we vote.


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