Having been born and lived in Keene for years, I’ve come to appreciate this beautiful area and people living here. Since knowing the Lord Jesus Christ after Vietnam,then turning from sinful ways to walk His ways of life and love, I’ve learned some of the deep compassionate God has for mankind. John 3:16 ”For God had such love for the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever has faith in Him doesn’t come to destruction but have eternal life.”

Mankind has been trapped and bound by death since birth. Sin caused death to rule over and in mankind. (Romans 5:12). But at the right time the light of life appeared, shown, to regain the keys of death and hell. Life has won the victory by bearing death for us. He rose whole over all that is death. He is now able to impart His eternal life (Himself) to all who receive Him. His life is manifesting more each day as believers walk with Him and others receive His gift of life. Jesus name means the Lord God who saves. He gave all that He is to save and teach us the ways of life. After Vietnam I sought to understand why mankind suffered with such misery, sorrow, and destruction. My brother and his wife had come to know and follow the Lord Jesus; I thought they were close-minded and lacked knowledge. Wow! How wrong I was!

Information learned over the past years causes me concern, but not fear. Often I’ve written letters to The Sentinel, alerting people of the developing dangers. It’s no game going on. The dangers are much more nefarious than Hitler’s horrors. What these evil forces seek is control and manipulation; what they can’t, they’ll destroy. After meeting a man training in Canada with troops who aren’t Canadian, with Antifa I think, I learned how misinformed and blinded these people are. They’re trained to eliminate untold numbers of people to establish their control and peace. Mr. Trump, the president, was a bump in the road in their developing plans that going on for decades. Jesus didn’t come to condemn us: He came to save us!

Much can be stopped by the church, Jesus followers. We need be diligent in prayer and things our Lord wants us each to do; including staying out of sin.



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