Recently, as I was going to Keene, I saw a woman standing on the corner of Route 10 and Richmond Road, hiding behind a sign saying it is against her constitutional rights to make her wear a mask.

OK, hiding lady; you are the target for my tirade.

Against your rights? How about your responsibility? How selfish!

Do you even know what you selfish, irresponsible people are doing? It’s called murder.

My dad is on a ventilator, fighting for his life, because of one of you selfish people. And my mom is dying. Think about that. That is what you are doing!

You know what? Screw your “rights.” My parents had the right to life, which is way more important, but one of you took that right away.

You have the civic responsibility to wear a mask.

A long time ago, there was the Spanish flu. Over 600,000 people died. They stopped it by everyone wearing a mask. And no one cried about their “rights,” either.

I hope you don’t have to go through the unbearable pain my family is going through.

Next time you want to go out without a mask, think about my parents.

How many families do you want to put through this pain? How many people will you kill with your selfish attitude?


48 Richmond Road