Saturday I was shopping in Swanzey and became uncomfortable.

Two men whom I saw were shopping totally maskless. The first one was displaying his resentment to masks and proudly striding the store. The second man was telling another customer at check-out about no need to follow vaccines. I chose a different clerk’s aisle for my check-out.

Several customers wore masks that were useless, as they only covered their mouths and not their nostrils. I found myself darting here and there away from potential harm.

We are the live free or die state, but people who don’t want to mask should go to places where they are not threatening those of us who want to live without whatever they might have in their bodies contaminating our bodies.

Why do you feel that your right to do what you choose is better to follow than our rights in protecting ourselves?

The latest news says the variants of the virus will be around us for years ahead. Let’s stand together in sisterhood or brotherhood or neighborhood and get ourselves through this pandemic and the variants around us and coming to us in the times ahead.

I, for one, want to live a good life and not risk picking up whatever someone else prefers to have in their life. There are plenty of us who feel the same way.