I am offering a counter narrative to the one-sided front-page article in the Aug. 16 Keene Sentinel on the Trump rally in Manchester.

As is my right, I, along with three friends, went to protest the president, who everyday causes division and chaos in our country. His irresponsible, racist tweets and actions dishonor the office he represents.

As we were walking to the event carrying signs of love and inclusion, we were called out as Nazis by Trump supporters.

At the gathering outside the venue, the two sides were separated by barricades. There was a substantial police presence as well as many volunteers with yellow vests working to tamp down the name-calling and constant taunting. And to prevent violence from breaking out.

In the article, Republican state Sen. Ruth Ward described the joyous energy of the crowd inside the arena. The energy we felt outside the arena was overt hostility, anger and hatred.

I am 70 years old and have been politically active since college. I have been to numerous political rallies with “pro” and “anti” demonstrators. But Thursday’s rally was different. We now live in a time when a president not only taunts fellow public officials with hurtful and demeaning language, but anyone who disagrees with him. I pray this is not the new normal.


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