Rebecca Montrone seems to think the sky is falling.

In her doom and gloom letter (“Do we want to live in Pottersville?” June 1), she cites alarming statistics that appear to indicate that New York City has been taken over by violent criminals, America is being overrun by illegal immigrants and the country’s energy resources are “in immediate threat.”

Fortunately for us, the facts don’t bear out Ms. Montrone’s pessimism.

She cites a CBS News story to the effect that “in the 28-day period from March 8 to April 4” of this year, there were massive increases in crime in New York, up well over 50 percent from the previous year.

Of course, the previous year, 2020, saw the entire city locked down and there was almost no street crime from March 8 to April 4.

But, according to the NYPD website, “Overall, index crime [in March 2021] rose 2.4% compared with March 2020.”

As for Ms. Montrone’s claim that “illegal immigration is out of control” — in fact there were fewer illegal entries across our Southern border in 2021 than there were in 2019 (66,908 vs. 77,344) according to the Customs and Border Protection website.

And, contrary to her breathless claim that “energy resources are in immediate threat,” a pipeline delivering gasoline to the Southeast was temporarily shut down due to a computer hack. That was the only “immediate threat” I could find.

As George Bailey said in It’s A Wonderful Life, “I want to live again! I want to LIVE again!” Perhaps Ms. Montrone should take George’s advice and get out, breathe deeply, and enjoy the wonder and beauty of life in the spring here in the Monadnock Region.