I agree with Joe Schapiro (“We must prepare for election day,” May 14) that it is vital to prepare now for the critical election this year. Acrimonious behavior by politicians and some supporters appears to have no boundaries. Wisconsin politicians sue to force people to risk COVID-19 and vote, and the state Supreme Court Judge supports voting over health risks.

Another lawsuit appealed in April to the U.S. Supreme Court says that a political party should not represent multiple candidates if they don’t have to listen to their constituents who donate to the party. Governing by lawsuits and investigations does not serve the people. Mr. Schapiro advised in his letter to The Sentinel that the state Legislature is ready and willing to help the governor during this crisis. Bipartisanship is required for the New Hampshire to have a successful, safe and healthy election process.

I did not know of Secretary of State Gardner’s “select committee” for the emergency election funding the state received to address safety concerns. On the secretary of state’s website, the center column, at the bottom of my tablet screen on the secretary of state homepage, I found two links: one for the “select committee” and a second link about voting by absentee ballot due to COVID-19.

The list of links for the “select committee” includes the list of members selected, and with their vast experience in the state of New Hampshire at multiple levels of the state, they will prepare for a worst-case scenario. Additional links are present for meeting minutes, YouTube videos of meetings and more.

The link for absentee ballot voting this year explains, “Absentee voting is allowable in any circumstance,” which includes everyone (as described in the letter) and the procedure to complete the absentee ballot. The memorandum and guidance are dated April 10.

I believe that the most important message right now, to prepare for the election, is to provide clear and concise communication. We must spread the correct information to the electorate to maintain the integrity of our elections. Please do not let confusion reign and disenfranchise any voters. You can vote safely and not put yourself at risk. Check with your town clerk and or the secretary of state’s website and vote.


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