The Winston Prouty Center in Brattleboro, named for the U.S. senator from Newport, Vt., who co-sponsored legislation for children with disabilities, was founded in 1969 and today provides educational, health and housing support for hundreds of needy young children.

As the Prouty Center’s responsibilities have grown, so has its need for space. The center’s website states: “It is clear that expanding our existing space is critical for the Prouty Center to continue to provide leadership in our community for early childhood education and services. We will do whatever it takes to make this happen.”

In January, the Prouty Center purchased the campus of the former Austine School rather than expand at its current location. As anyone who has ever conducted a major “move” will understand, transitional storage was desperately needed.

Vermont Yankee stepped in to help by donating a storage container to store the Center’s inventory. The Prouty Center’s recent thank you letter in the Brattleboro Reformer says it all:

“I am writing to express our deep thanks to Entergy Vermont Yankee for the donation of a 40-foot metal storage container to The Winston Prouty Center. We are so grateful to have this storage available to handle the large amount of inventory that came with our purchase of the former Austine campus. We are now able to move forward with plans to renovate and lease space which is a critical part of making the campus viable. This donation from Entergy is making that possible, and we appreciate their generosity.”

Vermont Yankee has long been a generous partner with Windham County social service organizations: generous with employee time, with cash donations, and with use and outright gifts of supplies and material. The plant has set an excellent example of community giving that other organizations should follow as Windham County planners seek to fill the employment, economic, and tax revenue void left by Vermont Yankee’s closure.


Communications Director,

Vermont Energy Partnership

65 Mansfield Lane,

Berlin, Vt.