At the risk of being redundant, noting a previously written letter to the editor regarding the lack of an emergency after-hours on-call veterinarian arrangement in Keene and the greater Cheshire County region, and which appears to have been largely ignored, I find myself needing to address the matter once again.

While it is I who writes, rest assured that I am not alone. The fact that local veterinarians have failed to unite in order to establish a system that provides for emergency care when our furry family members experience a medical situation and wherein time and distance can be the difference between life and death, is a commonly held concern.

In full disclosure, it is not an issue with my family pet that causes me to write but rather the knowledge of another area resident who had to drive an hour to Deerfield, Mass., in order to deal with a severe medical and life- threatening situation his beloved pet was experiencing.

In years past, local veterinarians did provide such a service to their many faithful furry friends and their humans. With no disrespect meant to current veterinarians, we typically turn to you Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday for generally mundane pet issues, but when an emergency arises after hours, you are not there for us.

I believe there are enough veterinarian practices in the immediate area that would allow all of you to band together in order to establish a rotating on-call list. To be clear, I am not talking about such a resource for a pet with diarrhea, or a hanging dewclaw but rather a life-threatening event or medical situation, again, where time is of the essence.

I urge all of you who read this letter to contact your veterinarian and encourage him or her to strongly consider establishing such an emergency on-call system. Further, I encourage you, if you are a local veterinarian, to hear my words. It is the right thing to do. It is high time, in this instance, to return to the good old days when our pets, your furry friends, too, were served 24/7/365 by the local veterinarian community.

Thank you, happy holidays and Merry Christmas.



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