The “talk” at Keene State College on Oct. 22 about the Green New Deal, and Keene’s response, was interesting.

The hearts of the attendees were certainly in the right place. The presentations and comments from the speakers and attendees were completely into “good” things to reduce CO2 emissions and its greenhouse effects, small steps, but in the right direction, including conservation.

But the big gorilla in the room was ignored. After we reduce our energy usage by maybe 10 percent, what is to actually generate the other 90 percent “renewable” energy? The oft-expressed answer to the intermittence and unreliability of wind and solar power sources was batteries, batteries and more batteries. Just the building of these batteries is beyond even the capability of Elon Musk.

There was also no discussion of the sites for the 1,000 wind turbines, extending 1/10 of a mile above every prominent ridge in the state, or for the environmental devastation from tens of square miles of solar panels.

I await the proposed “options/strategies” that will be proposed to the Keene Energy and Climate Committee by the consultant, Cadmus, in the spring. I assume Cadmus will fill in the 90 percent hole left by the speakers last Tuesday evening.


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