As the COVID crimes increase, affecting all of our lives in very many ways, here in Keene the City Council voted Thursday, Dec 16, to institute another gag ordinance.

In so doing, they ignored 70 percent of businesses who weighed in against. They ignored 44 comments at the committee meeting a week before against vs. 11 comments for (and most of those working for the local hospital).

Question 1. What are the credentials for anyone running for the Keene City Council or even mayor? I think of these people as those who can weigh in on where to put a stop sign, a new sidewalk, maybe some influence on business and residential zoning, that kind of thing. I don’t see a high bar; “just vote for me!”

Question 2. How does such a tribe have the power to dictate matters affecting our personal and business lives?

Answer to Questions 1 and 2: There are no credentials, and they have no legal power to tell us what we can and cannot do with regard to COVID.

Solution: Ignore the gag mandate.



(Editor’s note: The N.H. Attorney General’s Office has said cities have the authority to implement mask mandates. The courts last year agreed, tossing a challenge to such a mandate in Nashua.)