New Hampshire public-school education is good for a lot of our kids. But since every child learns differently, no one school can possibly offer what every child needs in order to flourish.

Some opponents of Senate Bill 193, the “education freedom savings accounts” bill, are using lies and misinformation to confuse people about the simple economics of the program: It is intended to give the children of parents earning under 300 percent of the poverty level the same opportunity that middle-class and wealthy parents have for their children now — a way to leave a district system that is not working for their child and find an educational option that does.

To oppose SB 193 indisputably says to those whose child cannot flourish in the district school system, “Your child may not have the opportunity that other kids do to succeed.”

SB 193 presents one simple question: Are you in support of children and their success, or a “one-size-fits-all” system that everyone knows isn’t working for all students?


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