On Jan. 13, then-President Trump gets impeached (again) by the U.S. House of Representatives. Eight days later, Sununu’s education commissioner, Frank Edelblut, posts an op-ed in the N.H. Union Leader. Edelblut lists a few Trump-friendly bullet points and says we have much to be proud of, given what we accomplished during the last four years.

In his op-ed, Edelblut doesn’t mention Trump’s impeachment. Nor does Edelblut explain what charges have been brought against Trump. As a matter of fact, Edelblut doesn’t mention Trump’s name. What do you think about that?

Today, proceedings will begin in the U.S. Senate to determine whether Trump is convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors because of his conduct leading up to and during the deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol. Depending on how the trial goes, a second vote might occur to permanently disqualify Trump from office.

However proud you might feel about accomplishments Edelblut says you have made, Trump’s upcoming trial reminds us (and I invite Edelblut to agree) we all have a duty to hold Trump accountable for the damage he has done to our country.