This is in response to the letter (“Police chief retires at taxpayer expense,” Nov. 3) from Neil Jones:

I guess you never served your country or community. I am retired military. I put in 18 years and retired at age 38 because I was disabled, or I would have put in my 20 years.

The police, like the military, do a job that could take their life at any time, so if they can make it to 20 years, they are rewarded and are able to retire at a percentage of their normal pay.

I have several friends who are retired police, and some working toward their retirement, and they deserve everything they have earned. You should be thankful there are men and women willing to do this, as not everyone has what it takes to be a cop.

I have one question for you: Why should police retiring in New Hampshire bother you, seeing as you live in Massachusetts?