To some of us Keene will always be connected to a famous movie. No, not “Jumanji,” in 1995 — the movie is “Idiocracy,” 2006.

Keene baby boomers have dim recollections of a time when Keene was nationally recognized as an All-America City; that was 1964. Keene was honored for its robust and diverse industrial base, its lack of crime and poverty, its neighborliness, and its hometown flavor that at the time was the spitting image of Americana. But those were the Kennedy years and the emerging Vietnam era. The poison seeds of LBJ’s Great Society were yet to be planted.

Fifty-six years is a long time and LBJ’s toxic crops have grown like weeds in academia, politics and economics. We baby boomers can probably blame ourselves for the sad fact that Keene has become a poster child for the Orwellian political correctness that is destroying our nation. We stopped paying attention to what was going on and seemingly overnight a cognitive decline has come over the city.

Now the Holocaust reasoning of Critical Race Theory is the new cult-indoctrinated campus battle cry. Older white people like you and I are now in the crosshairs while Keene’s local media make sure they are on the side they think will win. They regard themselves as the “chic” good people that take up the cause of the oppressed. Do you remember Germany in the 1930s? If you do, you get the picture.

Does The Keene Sentinel use the Soros-inspired Washington Post because it believes its readership is dumber than a box of hammers? Does it think they are unable to connect the dots revealing parallels to Nazi anti-Semitic methodology blaming aging white Americans like Jews for the world’s problems?

It seems to be working and Keene is apparently happily on board with putting a Chinese sock puppet in the White House on the heels of election fraud so obvious that even supporters who witnessed it do not bother denying it. Remember those warnings from Depression-era teachers about the end justifying the means? Remember when they told us that our system of checks and balances is what separates America from totalitarian societies?

What happens when Washington turns, those checks bounce, and those balances do not add up? Is making America great again so dangerous that the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA need to stop it? Yes, “Idiocracy” is a much better movie to associate with Keene today.


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