“What luck for rulers that men do not think.” — Adolf Hitler 1889-1945

Charismatic Jim Jones offered his followers a fabulous afterlife and laid out the Kool-Aid, which parents gave their children and then drank themselves. About 900 bodies were found later.

We call that a cult. We call those people deranged, delusional, and we cluck and nod and pity their stupidity.

In 2016 we elected (with unacceptable intervention) a charismatic reality TV guy as American president. We have been baited and switched, lied to more than 20,000 times, watched the evisceration of our precious government, heard him choose enemies (falling in love with Kim Jong-Un and Putin) over allies and Americans themselves, seen science and the rule of law vilified, ignored and thwarted by this imposter president. Most of all, Trump has been as impotent as a 90-year-old with prostate issues in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now he has laid out the Kool-Aid. Will you buy all of the above? Will you become one of his “warriors,” denying the 80,000 deaths in service of economy resurrection and support of Trump’s re-election bid? Will you chug this seductive elixir and watch the death toll rise? Maybe get to experience your own death?

Oh, and as a bonus to survivors, Trump is preparing a new and delightfully draconian government; no health care, no reproductive rights, no rule of law, no support for the homeless, hungry or unemployed, no legal liability on the part of employers for COVID-19 infections, unqualified judges in all courts, and Putin-style elections.

I have left the building. Drink at your peril.


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