I am writing in response to news that the N.H. Senate has passed along House Bill 282, which would allow school districts to enter into tuition agreements with private religious schools, among others.

This appears to be a violation of the separation of church and state. Allowing taxpayer dollars to be passed on to private or religious schools only serves to further weaken the public education system in New Hampshire, which is already struggling to provide an adequate education.

Senate Bill 130, which would allow education vouchers to be paid to a variety of other unregulated entities, would further weaken the financing of public schools.

Despite the Claremont lawsuits, what the state deems adequate education funding continues to fall short of what is actually needed, especially in poorer districts.

Currently, ConVal and Derry school districts are also involved in legal challenges to state funding of public schools. I believe that quality public education is essential to our democracy.

Our tax dollars should go to public schools, which have high standards for educators and are able to provide additional services for children with special needs.

After a year and a half in which education was disrupted by COVID, many children will need to catch up. They deserve a strong, well-funded public school system.