In response to the recent letter “No, we’re not equipped to parse COVID research” by Thomas Reisch:

Beware the term “trusted experts.”

How, exactly, does one become a “trusted expert?”

By being paid by Big Pharma, et. al., the entities that also pay Big Media; a “trusted media” that not only promotes their special interests but also performs free campaigning for those in politics pushing drastic governmental reforms that support those special interests?

Are “trusted experts” only those who are not censored by Silicon Valley?

During this time when our most basic human freedoms are being threatened by the massive conglomerate of all of these (I call them “The Club”), it behooves the individual to take some time and make some effort to be better equipped to “parse COVID research.”

There are plenty of convenient ways to do this. Please check out the newly formed local group, where you will find an amazing amount of research and information right there in one place. There are plenty of scientifically reputable resources for the “inquiring mind” certainly not limited to this site.

Finally, for those who are not up to the parsing, please feel free to continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, and keep your distance, but do not impose those restrictions on those of us who have done the parsing and know better.

For, having parsed, we do not trust the “trusted experts.”


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