In view of what’s going on in Seattle today, doing anything to weaken our law enforcement officers’ ability to deal with such an insurrection elsewhere would be a mistake equally as bad as sending the fire department out without a hose.

Anyone complaining our police departments are too militarized needs to come forth with the candy and kisses and see how far they get. Operating behind protesters, the organized looters overwhelmed the police on duty. Strange as it might seem, they now police themselves with the same laws they complained about. Papers, please; searches and seizures while self-appointed armed crooks stop you in the street.

Our law enforcement officers, the good along with bad, have been insulted enough while the real culprits — the chiefs, commissioners and lawmakers, who have condoned what some of their officers have been doing for years — go untouched.

Militarized? That’s the only way to deal with the aggressive part of our population we have today.


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