There is no need to live in fear. When you live in fear you manifest ill-will, hate, as well as create beliefs that don’t serve your overall health.

Our news/media has hijacked our emotions even more it seems lately, so we are consistently living in fear. The news is making sure we fear everyone and everything because, when we stand divided we become isolated, which means we are easy to manipulate. When we stand together, we are a strong force that looks out for each other.

Humans are meant to stand together to affiliate, to interrelate, to be peaceful, joyous, to share, to love. Check in with yourself; ask “Am I being fearful or acting out in fear right now?” Then ask yourself, “What can I do to calibrate back to peace, love and joy?”

It’s still OK to make eye contact with others and say hello. There might be someone that truly needs a warm, simple, hello to get them through their day.



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