N.H. lawmakers debate banning schools from teaching about systemic racism and sexism. House Bill 544, an act “relative to the propagation of divisive topics,” seeks to limit public schools, organizations or state contractors from discussing topics related to racism and gender bias issues.

This bill would specifically ban teaching of sexism and racism in the state of New Hampshire and the issues that spanned the U.S.

This bill was pushed by President Trump in November 2020, to restrict federal institutions from using curricula about systemic racism, white privilege and other race and gender-bias issues. President Joe Biden rescinded the order on Jan. 20.

Why do we want to erase history when we can learn from our past and generate new ideas for the future? We need to create a healing society and remember how the past has hurt us so we can move through the future with more compassion and a healthy state.

We don’t need to create more discrimination by restricting the rights of our educators. We need to understand and address the implications of racism and gender bias issues to generate healthier communities.