It’s plain to me that Donald Trump hates America, liberty and freedom. He should do us all a favor and resign. Either that, or be impeached.

This president has managed to foul everything up and is behaving like a tyrant. I believe it’s time for The Donald to go back to wherever he crawled out from, and he should make it snappy.

I have to admit, I feel sorry for the once-proud Republican Party, which was a civilized group, but now finds itself complicit in the actions of its de facto leader. For such a proud group to be entwined with such an obviously unsuitable character is high dramatic tragedy for our country, and the world.

The British ambassador was the latest world leader to grow weary of the White House’s cosmic Kool-Aid, laced with hatred for women in general, and hatred of anyone not pure lily-white, as the top note.

I personally love America, although not all of her actions, especially under this president. His demonizing of the press, immigrants and the insult culture of his ongoing campaign from the bully pulpit, is too strong on bully. It would make the Founding Fathers cringe. His continued embrace of the concentration camps for children that he’s established is the latest in a long string of inhumane actions.

How the neo-fascist wing of the GOP can bend policy and procedure is unsupportable. Already some cracks in the ultra-right-wing armor are showing. A few more defections from the Republican camp and impeachment might have a chance in the Senate. A few more atrocities, you say? That would make you change your mind? Trump: as you have acted, so shall you suffer.

The Bible says to suffer the children, not to make them suffer. Of course, Trump blames the Democrats because they did nothing to stop him. It was the complicit Republican caucus that has been the trouble all along.

White supremacists refuse to hear the facts of genetics. They will learn the lesson of inbreeding. Our species needs to have diversity in that gene pool to improve the survivability of the human race. Do you think that an environment so toxic as to render millions of species extinct might have some effect on the fate of humanity?

I love America. My ancestors, who were immigrants, loved America, the Statue of Liberty and all she stands for.

Resign or be impeached. Long live Obamacare!


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